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"Sweet Seductive Game"
"Freshly Pleasured"
"Levels of Ecstasy"

"Sweet Seductive Game"

"Freshly Pleasured"

"Levels of Ecstasy"


A Sneak 'Peak' at Clarissa's
Dirty Sexy Erotic Poems

The new Dirty Sexy Erotic Poetry Books, The Poetic Art of Seduction - Volumes 1 and 2, and 3 by Clarissa O. Clemens are now available in paperbackkindle , and Audible for you to own and share with your lover.

The lines of Clarissa's poems stay in your mind like the lyrics of a song. 

Here are some small samplings from Clarissa's sexy pleasure poems for your perusal! Buy the books and read them in their entirety!

Volume 1
Sizzle of your swizzle stick
Can I take a luscious lick?
Melt your marshmallow
in search of creme
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Levels of Ecstasy
Levels of ecstasy fogging my brain
Shooting off pleasure peaks
cusping near pain
Nails digging deep into
flesh soft and white

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Tongue Tied
Sweet succulent parting lips
Opening petals welcoming bliss
Flowering honey drops
moistened tips
Tongue takes a taste
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and more from 'Tongue Tied'

...eyes covered, restrained limbs
spread and waiting I feel your sin...

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Volume 2
Painted Toes
Daintily painted sexy toes
Have a way of making it grow
Poking out to get a view...

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Uncovered Mystique
The mystery of the hidden pearl
Longs for the tongue to give a swirl

The stiff and hardened rod of wood...
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Creamy Orbs
Curvaceous creamy
Orbs of delight
Dangling deliciously
In the night
Grabbing warmth 
in each of his hands...
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Volume 3
Angles of Arousal
His angles of arousal
Melt her curves of desire
With locks loose and tousled
Peering at his need, she conspires
Straight up yet slanted
Pointing in her direction of pleasure...
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Ponytail Reins
Ponytail reins
To grip and restrain
He grabs and guides
To take the ride
Pulling her in 
A devilish grin...
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Sweet Seductive Game
I want to be the marshmallow
Impaled on your skewer
I want you to pollinate
My succulent flower
I want to be the nectar...

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There are also several black and white photos paired up with selected steamy poems throughout the erotic poem books that will add an additional sizzle for your eyes.


From cover to cover you will experience the wildness and kink that permeates Clarissa’s mind. Couples all over the world are using her poems as foreplay for wild uninhibited lovemaking. Unleash your passion!


The Best Dirty Sexy Love Poems Available Anywhere!
The Poetic Art of Seduction Series

Volume 1 Volume 2             
Ode to O Pleated Skirt

Levels of Ecstasy All Askew
Gasp Grasp Glee Swirl and Dare
Urges Unchained Your Body, My Own
Bent to be Taken Painted Toes
Devour with Power When the Forbidden is Hidden
Shapes of Desire Freshly Pleasured
Known Intent Uncovered Mystique
Teardrop of Pleasure Creamy Orbs
Squirming Tantalizing Teaser
Take Me Smoking Gun
Anticipation Drip Drop
Wanton Wiles My Dream
Luscious Hands of Fate Whispers
Stroke it Longing for Domination
Feather Cream Dripping Sweet
Feminine Skin Let Go
Nuance Twisted Desire
Reunion Sparkling Eyes
Touch to Taste Overflowing
Melt Me Caramel Nips
Licking the Corner Torch of Lust
A Melted Heap Let's Make Believe
Glistening Quiet Bulge
Release & Quiver Breathless Together
Tongue Tied
Teetering Heart

Volume 3
Cascading Words
Angles of Arousal
Hard to Resist
Ponytail Reins
Passion to Please
Sticky Schemes
Love Knot
10, 11, 12
Take Me to the Extreme
Sensing You
Fantasies Found
Pilot of My Fantasies
Heart First into Bliss
Aching for the Quaking
Pending Penetration
Shower Scene
Sweet Seductive Game
Euphoria Exposed
Between His Thighs
A Breath of Lust
Take the Plunge
Rambunctious Rendezvous
Thighs of Desire
Unzipped Door

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