Could You Use More Passion

in Your Relationship?

Clarissa O. Clemens, erotic poetess and weaver of lyrical lines of lust, has written poetic gems dripping in sexuality for you to share with your partner.

Bring them to bed and feel the mood shift. These powerfully passionate writings will send pulses racing and make desire grow.

This classy yet kinky lyrical prose has been artfully choreographed to tantalize and entice.  Share any of these sexy books with your lover and let erotic times begin.

We invite you to roam about the sexy pages of Ms. Clemens' Pleasure Portal to see, hear, and experience Clarissa's erotic poetry for yourself!

Come be inspired and feel your passion grow!

Pick up Ms. Clemens'

Sexy Erotic Books and

 Begin Your path Back to Passion.

  • Checkmate *NSFW1:22
  • Smoking Gun *NSFW1:01
  • Pleated Skirt *NSFW1:53
  • Freshly Pleasured *NSFW1:25

"... it's impossible NOT to be aroused..."

 Powerful Erotica to Put Passion

   Back Into Your Love Life Today!

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