Where did Clarissa O. Clemens Come From?

Clarissa O. Clemens has always played with words. Get ready for something new - November 11, 2017 will see the release of her newest book,

Red Wine & a Leash(A submissive Journal). Required by her new Sir to document all of their D/s activities, this book isunlike any other. You will read their conversations, His instructions for their get-togethers, and Clarissa's poetic renderings of all that transpired transporting us into her sexy world with her Sir, Patrick.

Ms. Clemens is the well-known author of her 2 series' of passionate poetry: the kinky yet classy erotic poetry of The Poetic Art of Seduction ; and a series of her heart hopeful poetry written to heal and give hope to broken hearts everywhere (starting off with her own), The Poetic Diary of Love and Change .

Clarissa was born in Burbank, California and has spent her entire life living, loving, and playing in California. Growing up in Southern California exposed the budding author to lifestyles, art, and music that had a great influence on her style and subject matter for her poetry. Writing has always been an important part of Ms. Clemens' creative expression starting with her contribution to her grammar school newspaper, excelling in all creative writing classes in middle and high school, and faking her way through her college essays with her ability to weave the written word. Loving the sensual world with a penchant for the wild side paired up nicely with her passion for painting pictures with words.

After divorce, Ms. Clemens found poetry falling out of her heart and mind to process all the feelings and desires that were bursting from her being. She attributes her post-divorce poetry with saving her thousands of dollars in therapy bills.With hundreds of poems in hand and a Bachelors Degree in Accounting in her back pocket to pay the bills, she set a goal to pursue her dream of sharing her poetry with the world in hopes that her words would unleash the passions bottled up inside.

You can follow Clarissa on Twitter@ClarissaClemensor connect on Facebook .

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