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Wake Me

I waited asleep

until you had awoken my heart

It took barely a peep

to give our new love a start

I thought I was living

but was merely existing

Standing in shadows

drifting and wishing

for you to come by

to touch and electrify

A life charged with hope

no longer having to grope

Searching through my life

to find you and recognize

Our paths finally crisscross

intersecting to lose loss

I felt a new sensation

when our hands first touched

Relieved the frustration

I had been feeling so much

I knew from your laughter,

your humor, and warmth

this may be the ever after

to let joy and love form

You are the treasure

I have always sought

I will love you forever

A bliss-filled thought


┬ęClarissa O. Clemens 2014


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Peeled Away


is a state of mind

With words,

my layers fall behind


you read into my soul

Each part peeled away

reveals the whole

Baring bares

the essence of me

Handing over to you

the master key

To unlock my heart

and vulnerability

Inside you will find

I am full of joy

A little girl

in search of her little boy

Lets link our loving hands,

side by side

Ready to frolic

and let our worlds collide

Until our delight

combusts and ignites

Our lust for life

will grow bold and bright

Radiating love

within and without

Bared and open

losing all doubt

Allowing you in

I get dizzy and spin

As you catch me exposed

with all of me disclosed


┬ęClarissa O. Clemens 2014

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