Sneak a Peek at Clarissa Clemens' Erotic Poetry

Here are some sexy samples from each erotic volume of The Poetic Art of Seduction series. Turn the lights down low, lure your lover (or prospective lover) into your lair, and get ready to unleash the passion building up inside!

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Ode to O



Biped kneeling



Bouncing off the ceiling

Deep and tight

Don't say goodnight

Splendid flow

Spectacular O


©Clarissa O. Clemens - All Rights Reserved

(Found in Vol. 1 & The Collection)


Sizzle of your swizzle stick

Can I take a luscious lick?

Melt your marshmallow in search of créme

Place my lips upon your dream

Take the heat inside my mouth

Traveling tongue heading south

Strawberry-shaped succulent slip

Riding the ridge gentle flip

Encircle circumference hard and thick

Encompass your muscle

Slide in quick

Sweet dewy drop invites a taste

Slippery and warm in a honey-baste

When your eruption rises and flows

The magnitude shakes you from your head to your toes

I welcome the warm surges of your delectable nectar

Swallowing your essence an intoxicating mixture

Sending me on an erotic high

Joining you as we float and fly

To that place of peak perfection 


©Clarissa O. Clemens - All Rights Reserved

(Found in Vol. 1 & The Collection)

Freshly Pleasured

Freshly pleasured

Messed up hair

Free and flowing

Without a care

Calming sighs

That hypnotize

Residue of lust

Drips down her thighs

Sly sexy eye

Peers past stray locks

Look of hunger

Gazing towards his dock

Again, she says

I'm ready for more

Flipping over

And locking the door

She positions her passion

Close enough to reach

Spread and open

Grabbing for his meat

Stiff and firm

Meets wet and swollen

Fortuitous moment

Naivety stolen

Engorged and ravenous

Consumed with lust

Fulfilling desires

Penetrated by trust

Finally pleasured

Able to release

Temporarily satisfied

Satisfying the beast


©Clarissa O. Clemens - All Rights Reserved

(Found in Vol.2 & The Collection)

Angles of Arousal

His angles of arousal

Melt her curves of desire

With locks loose and tousled

Peering at his need, she conspires

Straight up yet slanted

Pointing in her direction of pleasure

Mesmerized and enchanted

Every move calculated and measured

With preciseness and cunning

He eyes her assets and talents

Curvaceous-ness tumbles into stunning

The sight of her tips him off balance

He grabs a handful of her squeeze-to-please

She has the power of the titillating tease

He licks his lips in longing anticipation

Smoothly she mounts his standing ovation

Riding relentless his rigidness succumbs

Tightly she grips him until he fights not to come

Deep inside of her he is helpless to his urges

Thrusting within her, his body shudders as it merges

They begin to move in unison,

rhythmically as one

The avalanche of tingles is about to come undone

Their eyes connect

Their fingers intersect

They know they have reached

Their passionate peak

With waves of wonder wielding its power

The angle of arousal

Has been fully devoured


©Clarissa O. Clemens - All Rights Reserved

(Found in Vol.3 & The Collection)