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Clarissa O. Clemens Erotic Poetry Books

"A Delicious Dance with Words - Ms. Clemens' poetry teases to please. Her words simply flow from the page, full of suggestion and arousing intrigue..." - A.S. Wilkins, Amazon UK Review

"Clarissa Clemens has a knack for blending lust and language, words and wantonness, randiness with rhyme..." - P. Zink, Amazon US Review

"Wow...just wow - ...I couldn't put it down. It had me hot and restless the more I read. The way Clarissa catches sensuality in every poem is incredible and inspiring...true to its title it is poetic, artistic, and  seductive. Five stars are not enough. I am well prepared and eager to read more and more of this woman's work. Perfect." - Rebecca Sherwin, Amazon UK Review

"...beautifully written, sexy, sensual, and fun to read. I would highly recommend" - Anne Pardo, Amazon US Review

"A Sensual Journey - Clarissa is a true erotic poet! A selection of sensual and erotic poems that leave you melting and longing...I was hooked from the first poem and couldn't put it down until I finished and devoured it all! I highly recommend to all...an equisite  work of erotic art."

 - Athina Maria, Amazon UK Review

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