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Tethered and Tight

Following His directions

closing my eyes

only tactile perceptions

edging toward

the next surprise

"Hold onto my arm, let me lead the way"

"Sit in the chair, sub, I will make sure that you stay"

"Put your arms behind your back."

chains rattle, confine, and contract

"Spread your legs, my sub, I need to inspect"

open exposed

darkness imposed

leather rope is presented

"Hold this between your teeth"

i taste the leather

and the texture transfixes

tumbling deep

into His Dominant wishes

tethered and tight

squeezing delight

biting down hard

holding on as He twirls

tightly encircling

around and around

the soft round flesh

of my molded mounds

meets each rotation

with an exhilarating sensation

closing in on passion's door

exerting His Domination

wrapping and lassoing

first my left

then my right supple orb

wound carefully, so precise

wondering what that looks like

from His perspective and admiring eyes

after each orb is captured

i feel His warm mouth

as it suckles each nip

each one focused on

i feel myself drip

and as if on cue

His fingers explore

my warm stickiness

delicious drops of dripping dew

"sub, open your mouth"

fingertips coated in yum

sucking my nectar off His fingers and thumb

cleaning off His hands

i am released from the chair

He then has me stand

directed to a pillow placed purposedly there

at the footboard of His bed

kneeling, He has me tilt up my head

positioning Himself

in front of my face

lips so ready

my tongue longs for His taste

eager before Him

my body pleads

He rewards my patience

placing Himself

deeply in my throat

slowly penetrating

allowing the angle

to engulf me

as i float

inhaling His scent

licking and nuzzling

swallowing Him whole

so delicious

savoring Him as He holds

Himself deeply inside

so i cannot resist

©All Rights Reserved - Clarissa O. Clemens 2017

Release Date    1 1/ 1 1 / 1 7

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