The Poetic Art of Seduction

Ode to O

Levels of Ecstasy

Gasp Grasp Glee

Urges Unchained

Bent to be Taken

Devour with Power

Shapes of Desire

Known Intent

Teardrop of Pleasure


Take me


Wanton Wiles

Luscious Hands of Fate

Stroke it

Feather Cream

Feminine Skin



Touch to Taste

Melt me

Licking the Corner

A Melted Heap


Tongue Tied

Release & Quiver

Teetering Heart


The Poetic Art of Seduction -

Vol. 3

Cascading Words

Angles of Arousal

Hard to Resist

Ponytail Reins


Passion to Please

Sticky Schemes

Love Knot

10, 11, 12

Take Me to the Extreme

Sensing You

Fantasies Found

Pilot of My Fantasies

Heart First into Bliss


Aching for the Quaking

Pending Penetration

Shower Scene

Sweet Seductive Game

Euphoria Exposed

Between His Thighs

A Breath of Lust

Take the Plunge

Rambunctious Rendezvous

Thighs of Desire

Unzipped Door

The Poetic Art of Seduction -

Vol. 2

Pleated Skirt

All Askew

Swirl and Dare

Your Body My Own

Painted Toes

When the Forbidden is Hidden

Freshly Pleasured

Uncovered Mystique

Creamy Orbs

Tantalizing Teaser

Smoking Gun

Drip Drop

My Dream


Longing for Domination

Dripping Sweet

Let Go

Twisted Desire

Sparkling Eyes


Caramel Nips

Torch of Lust

Let's Make Believe

Quiet Bulge

Breathless Together

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